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We provide specialized Orton-Gillingham based academic language therapy services using explicit, systematic, sequential, and multisensory language-based programs for children and adults with dyslexia and other language-based reading, spelling, and writing difficulties. We provide support and information on dyslexia and related disorders to promote understanding, education, and success for each student. We work with students in both individual and small group settings based on the student's individual needs.


Dyslexia Help: Is your child diagnosed with dyslexia or a learning disability in reading?

Fluency and Comprehension Help: Does your child struggle with reading fluency and comprehension and is NOT diagnosed with dyslexia?

Early Reading Help: Do you suspect your child has dyslexia or does he struggles with early literacy skills?

Written Expression Help: Is your child diagnosed with dysgraphia, written expression disorders, or having problems with spelling?

Speech/Language Help: Does your child struggle with receptive or expressive language skills?


What is the difference between academic language therapy and tutoring services?

Academic language therapy is provided by a certified academic language therapist. It is an intensive remedial reading approach that begins instruction with basic skills and builds the learning continuum step-by-step for the dyslexic or reading disabled student. Individualized programs of academic language therapy are designed to meet the needs of those with dyslexia and other language-based learning disorders of reading, writing, and spelling. The instruction components include: phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, vocabulary development, reading (decoding, fluency and comprehension), spelling, cursive handwriting, written expression, and listening comprehension.

Tutoring is a support service that assists the student in specific areas of a subject or curriculum with which he or she may be having difficulty. Tutoring supports the student in meeting basic study skills. It involves instruction in subject content and/or in the total curriculum by a private instructor who works with the individual student or with a small group. The focus generally is directed toward completing a curriculum or a specific area of work.


"Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I learn.

Involve me and I remember.

- Benjamin Franklin


Please contact us directly regarding any questions about our services or to schedule a consultation.

Reading Facts

Children who read well will have read 10,000,000 words by middle school.

Children with reading difficulties will read less than 100,000 words during the same period.


When is Academic Language Therapy needed?

Written language is arguably the most important tool in traditional education. People who are having difficulty learning to read and write despite having normal and even exceptional intelligence and sufficient opportunity to learn may benefit from academic language therapy. 


What is a CALT?

Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALTs) are qualified to treat children and adults diagnosed with written language learning problems. CALTs hold Masters degrees and have completed extensive post-graduate education and practicum in the theories and methods of remedial written language treatment as well as in the use of multisensory, structured, language-based curricula.