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 Dyslexia Help

Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia

This program is for children identified with dyslexia or learning disabilities in reading.

Take Flight contains the five components of effective reading instruction supported by the National Reading Panel research meta-analysis and mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act and is a Tier III intervention.

  • Phonemic Awareness in Take Flight includes a systematic exploration of the articulation of phonemes and is fully integrated within decoding and spelling instruction.
  • Vocabulary is expanded and enriched by developing morphological knowledge, word releationships, figurative language, syntax and semantics by direct instruction and in the context of reading.
  • Fluency instruction incorporates guided and timed reading of decodable words, phrases and connected text. Incentives, concrete measures of progress and daily home practice are also important elements of fluency training.

A combination of techniques is used for instruction in reading comprehension, including comprehension monitoring, question generation, story structure, summarizing and inferencing. Students also learn how to utilize graphic and semantic organizers when reading narrative and expository texts.

Take Flight is designed for individual or small group instruction. It is recommended that the lessons be taught for 60 minutes each day for four days a week. ReadWrite Center requires each student to be enrolled in at least two therapy sessions per week to ensure forward movement in the program. Take Flight includes 132 lessons requiring a minimum of 260 hours of direct instruction for completion. Total number of hours of direct instruction required however will vary according to the specific needs of the child.

Famous Dyslexic

"A teacher sent the following note home with a six-year-old boy: 

He is too stupid to learn. 

That boy was Thomas A. Edison."

     -Thomas Edison

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